Spring Rolls

By on August 5, 2017


12 large shrimp

1 bunch green leafy lettuce

1 small bottle of Sriracha hot sauce

1 small jar garlic chili sauce

1 small jar sweet n sour sauce

1 package of Rice paper wraps

2 Carrots

1 small bunch of green onion

1 package of rice noodles

1 small container of garlic butter

1 pot of boiling water

1 glass pie pan for rice paper

1 glass bowl



Rinse carrots and green onion, drain until dry then Julienne cut for layering spring rolls

Blanch rice noodles in boiling water until tender and set aside while still steamy in a glass bowl

Cook shrimp in garlic butter and place all 12 on a paper towel to rid excess butter

Pour boiling hot water into the glass pie pan and place 1 rice paper wrap in it at a time only for a few seconds (Don’t wait until it get soft)

On a hard surface you can now start to layer Shrimp first so it can be seen through the rice paper, green onion, carrots, rice noodles and last some leafy lettuce.

Fold on two sides opposite of each other then fold a third side and begin to roll like you would a egg roll. Rice paper is fairly sticky  and pliable so you must work fast and it will stick naturally

For sauce:

Mix in a small bowl

1 tsp garlic chili sauce

1 tsp  sriracha hot sauce

2 Tbsp sweet n sour sauce



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