Cast Iron Skillet Chicken

By on October 26, 2017

Cast Iron Chicken


  1. 4 oz of Italian dressing house.
  2. slice 1 small white onion
  3. 1 pack of chicken legs
  4. 1 2 oz cup chicken stock
  5. One teaspoon of salt and pepper
  6. Two tablespoons olive oil
  7. 1 preheated cast iron skillet
  8. 1 glass bowl

Cooking directions:

Rinse chicken legs and allowed to drain. Pour Italian house dressing over chicken in a glass bowl and allow it to marinate while preparing the rest of the ingredients. Preheat cast iron skillet for 5 to 7 minutes at medium heat then coat with olive oil. Season chicken with salt and pepper while still in the marinade. Place each piece of chicken into the hot skillet sear until golden brown on each side add onions and stock. Let Chicken cook/simmer for 45 minutes to an hour or until chicken is done. Garnish with parsley and place chicken over rice.








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