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By on June 26, 2017

Toska Thomas is an Evangelist, and in Ministry she has a heart for God’s people whether they are believers or not. She believes she still has to love and pray for them. She started a prayer page on Facebook in November of 2015, a dear friend of hers was battling stage 4 cancer and she felt helpless. Every day Toska would sit in her kitchen for hours either praying or on Facebook trying to keep her mind busy while asking God what could she do to reach the people, and the Holy Spirit said activate a prayer page. With that, on November 1st of 2015, she started a prayer page inviting those she knew, and from there the page grew and grew and now it’s over 200 Facebook prayer page members that she reaches every morning and throughout the day on Facebook. The Facebook prayer page is called “When Praying Without Ceasing Works.” Sad to say her friend passed away that same year 2 days after Thanksgiving, and that just encouraged her to continue to do what God had called her to do. After going to many spiritual women conferences seeing various styles of inspirational, but spiritual t-shirts, Toska decided to start creating her own line of t-shirts.  On May 21, 2017, her first shirt was created and sold to the followers and family members on her prayer page. The main reason behind the slogan “Birthing Out Purpose Romans 8:28” is because she believes God has called me to help others to birth out their purpose. We all have a purpose but some of us don’t realize or even know how to bring about their purpose regarding the spiritual aspect of their lives. In March of 2017 she saw “Birthing Out Purpose” in the spirit, and told her best friend after leaving her uncle’s funeral, “This is what I’m putting on my first shirt” as she wrote it down. Since then, at the end of each prayer page post, she ends with #birthingoutpurpose, #praywithoutceasing, #prayerworks, and she is sure one of these hashtags will be next on a t-shirt.

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